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Redefining Caravan Experiences - A Commitment to Comfort, Sustainability, and Style

Monde Design embarked on its research and development journey in caravan design and manufacturing in 2019. Our team comprises professionals from diverse fields, including interior design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and business expertise. Driven by a shared passion for nature and environmental consciousness, we at Monde Design have established a brand that embodies innovation, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Başarılı İş İnsanı Portresi

Our Trailer Caravans

320 boyalı planlar.png

Monde 320

2 Person


375  boyalı planlar-SON.png

Monde 375

3-4  Person Capacity

425 boyalı planlar-SON.png

Monde 425

4-5  Person Capacity


We have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you!

  • Can we travel in a trailer?
    Because there is no seat belt according to the definition of highways Travel is prohibited.
  • Do we need to update our license/license when we buy a trailer?
    If the caravan you prefer is O1 class, B class driving license is sufficient. For O2 class, you must have a B/E class driver's license.
  • What changes do I need to make in my own vehicle when I buy a trailer?
    It should be connected together with a drawbar project with the model/year feature of your vehicle, TSE must be approved, operated under license and electrical connection must be made as 13 pins.
  • How much engine power should my car have to buy a trailer?
    Each vehicle has a label on the door pillar that indicates the load it can pull, it should be preferred considering this.
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