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New Generation Towing Caravans: Monde 375 and Monde 425

Towing caravans are unique vehicles that carry the freedom and spirit of adventure of travel lovers. However, standard designs are no longer limiting and do not allow creativity. Our R&D team, which came into operation at this very point, analyzed the wishes and needs of the campers and developed the Monde 375 and Monde 425 models on the basis of usefulness and longevity. Dec.

Spacious and Convenient Interior

The main difference between our Monde 375 and Monde 425 models is a length difference of 50 cm. Dec. By distributing this difference evenly to all areas of the caravan, we offer a wider range of uses. Whether you prefer the Monde 375 or the Monde 425, we provide you with a spacious interior on both models.

Comfort and Functionality Decoupled at the Same Time

There is an area in the front of our caravans that you can use as a table at any time and turn into a comfortable bed at any time. The windows located next to it are equipped with sunshades that you can leave open to see outside if you want, and protect your privacy if you want. In addition, we also have fly screens to prevent flies or insects from entering when you open the windows.

In the back there is a single bed. You can use this space as you wish: as a bed or as a table. The window next to it is decorated with a glass that can be opened and closed, equipped with a sunshade and a fly screen. You can also choose the upper part of the table as a closet that you can use as more storage space. In addition, you can expand your relaxation area by adding an additional bed if you October need.

Efficiency and Usability Oriented Design

The workbench, bathroom and Decking of our caravans have been designed with a focus on efficiency and usability in line with the feedback of our users, our meticulous research and the analysis of our R&D team. We have made efforts to provide you with the best experience in these areas where every detail has been considered.

The Harmonious Meeting of Interior and Exterior Design

We have prepared our interior and exterior Deconstructions in the most efficient way in line with the feedback of caravan users and the expertise of our R&D team. We are here with our carefully selected designs to provide your comfort both indoors and to attract attention with elegance outside. Your caravan is not just a vehicle, it will accompany you on the trail of your unforgettable memories.

Which Is The Most Suitable Caravan Model For You?

To make your trip even more special and to experience the free and comfortable travel experience you have dreamed of, you can take a look at our Monde 375 and Monde 425 models. You can contact us to determine the most suitable caravan model for you.


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